FINEST CRICKET bats, pads & gloves

At Millichamp & Hall, we've been producing award winning - high performance - cricket bats since 1987. Our secure online store allows you to choose from our wide range of bats, pads, gloves & bags. If you'd prefer a good cup of coffee and a natter, then feel free to drop by our Somerset workshop, where we'd be happy to help you!


L200 Kit Bag L200 Cricket Bag
RRP: £110.00 Inc VAT
L100 Kit Bag L100 Cricket Bag
RRP: £145.00 Inc VAT
S100 Batting Glove S100 Batting Gloves
RRP: £115.00 Inc VAT
L400 Backpack L400 Backpack
RRP: £35.00 Inc VAT
S200 Batting Pads S200 Batting Pads
RRP: £115.00 Inc VAT
Original Junior Cricket Gear Original Junior PLAYER Bundle
RRP: £425.00 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £297.50 Inc VAT
Savings: £127.50